Kronos HT

Circadian Rhytm
Kronos CO2 incubator

High throughput live cell real-time reporter assay

>Measuring with temperature and CO2 controlled incubation chamber

> 24 well plate x 2 or 96 well plate x 2 (option) Data display with real-time

> Detectors scan each well, so culture plates don’t move.

> Lower noise by PMT cooling

> Dual-color luciferase assay by optical filter auto-changing

Atto Kronis Dio and HT
High Throughput Kronos HT

Compared to the LumiCycle – Luminometry for Circadian Biology, Kronos HT is easier to handle. You dont need an incubator since the Kornos is an incubator. For these type of cell culture studies each additional environmental factor needs to be minimized. Also it is unsafe to use an electronic device into a wet CO2 incubator and that is the biggest advantage of the Kronos. The Kronos can run for weeks without being opened and supply you with valuable circadian luminescence data about the circadian rhythms are modulated endogenously by clock-related genes such as Per1Per2Cry1, and Cry2, and externally by external cues such as light, food, and temperature (Ripperger et al., 2011)

Neurobiological Functions of the Period Circadian Clock 2 Gene, Per2

Mikyung Kim, June Bryan de la Peña, […], and Hee Jin Kim

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Dual-color real-time luciferase assay of TNF-a induced NF-kB transcriptional activity
Circadian rhythm of clock gene expression

Lieven Gevaert, Bio-ir.