Laboratory techniques

Spectroscopy ELISA Test assay Quantitative PCR qPCR Real-Time Thermal Cyclers Immunohistochemistry Test assay Cell Biology Services Trial Size protein antibody Microscopes and Mobile Imagers DNA Secondary protein antibody Antibody Production DNA Purification Protein Biochemistry and reagents siRNA Gel Documentation Laboratory Management Software Human Tissue Products Liquid Handling Workstations Molecular Biology Software PCR Test assay Biochemistry […]

High throughput real-time luciferase assay system – SL-1565

Kronos HT High throughput live cell real-time reporter assay >Measuring with temperature and CO2 controlled incubation chamber > 24 well plate x 2 or 96 well plate x 2 (option) Data display with real-time > Detectors scan each well, so culture plates don’t move. > Lower noise by PMT cooling > Dual-color luciferase assay by […]